Big Lottery support helps the community to come together

Stoke Stars were delighted to receive Big Lottery funding totalling nearly £5,000 to help them put on the Stoke Village and Blockhouse Park Fun Day on July 21.

This year the activities will begin early with several workshops held in advance of the Fun Day in churches and community centres in Stoke. The idea is to get local people together to remember life in Stoke throughout the decades.

Many residents experienced the full trauma of bombing during World War 2.  Many remembered playing on the bomb sites years after the war as the area picked itself up. Many remember the dockyard as a centre of employment for tens of thousands of men, and the businesses they supported on their way to and from work.

And today, Stoke welcomes its doors to a new generation growing up in the area, which thanks to the regeneration of nearby Devonport Park is becoming a destination for families and young people, keen to find an attractive and affordable place to live close to the heart of the city.

The Fun Day is hoping to attract many residents to come out of their houses for a big day of attractions, music, food and refreshments for all the family.

A full programme is yet to be announced, but with significant support from the Big Lottery Fund, it promises to be an event worth waiting for.

Big Lottery provides an opportunity for all kinds of small groups to apply for funding through its Awards for All programmes. The process is simple, and is open to all, even those with no previous experience.

Stoke Stars aims to enhance the local area to the benefit of both traders and residents and to foster a sense of community and pride. It submitted it’s bid to build a project around bringing the community together, and, using a big free event as a point of interaction and to get local people excited about the possibilities hiding within its own green space and area of outstanding natural beauty.

To get involved please go along to any of the Stars open meetings. The next one is the AGM, on Wednesday April 11 at 5.30pm at the Stoke Community Centre in the Blockhouse Park. Or follow them on Facebook  – The Stoke Traders and Residents Association.



Stoke Community Centre has been the driving focus for Stoke couple Pat and John Kinsman for well over 40 years. Now in their 80s the much loved couple are still at the forefront of its connection to the community, and are holding a fair in the community centre on Saturday April 21 from 11am.

The area owes a huge debt to this remarkable couple who were community activists long before the term was coined and who have provided decades of care to young and old alike, helping foster good community relations.


First published in  Plymouth Chronicle – April 2018

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