Our Internal Communication Services

Keeping employees, stakeholders or shareholders fully informed is a key challenge for any business or organisation. Creating credible communication vehicles which present information in a clear and concise way is one of the skills developed by Cornerstone Vision over the last two decades.

Decisions on the content, style and format of the publication or communication channel are vitally important in order to get the message across clearly to the audience. Cornerstone has worked with major blue-chip companies such as Booker, Sainsbury’s, Agusta Westland and Boots the Chemist in helping develop communication strategies during times of change and business re-organisation.

By working closely with their own teams, we came up with ideas, stories and publications that helped them to keep their staff informed of key developments, and which fostered stronger loyalty and a greater sense of belonging.

All of that, in an ideal world, leads to greater productivity and happier people all round.  We would be happy to talk with you to see if we can do the same for your organisation.

  • ‘Blue-Chip’ quality, whether you’re an SME or a PLC
  • Excellent liaison with your in-house marketing and communication teams
  • We can help you make VIP’s (Very Informed People) out of all your stakeholders

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