Giving back time

A popular Plymouth eatery is opening its doors in December for a Giving Back Day.

Sally Baum, from Jolly Jacks in Mayflower Marina said: “Some of us are very fortunate…we have friends and loving families to share our lives with, but what about those who have lost those precious bonds and no longer have that loving support any more.

“Unfortunately gone are the days when neighbours know each other, local post offices are closing, corner shops are fewer, and those connections are no more.

“It’s time to reconnect with those less fortunate, to forge new friendships, have neighbours that can pop in to check, especially if you have an elderly neighbour.

“At Jolly Jacks we do care and wish to help to do something about it. On December 6 we are having a Giving Back afternoon but we need you to contact us if you know of such people who could benefit from making new friendships and to bring light back into their lives.

“The elderly particularly are particularly vulnerable yet have their pride at the same time. But they are such amazing people with stories and experiences to share and we want to help by finding friends you can share them with.”

Please contact Sally or speak to any of the team at Jolly Jacks for more information on 01752 500008.



First published in the Plymouth Shopper – November 2017

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