About Cornerstone Vision.

We are a Plymouth based publishing and advertising sales company offering businesses, community organisations and charities an affordable route to market through advertising and editorial in local, regional and national magazines and newspapers (and also on several community radio stations).


Ian and Karen Pilkington, Chris and Kerry Cole, Chris and Debbie Girdler

The company is owned and run by three couples in Partnership, who share a passion for Plymouth – Chris & Kerry Cole, Chris & Debbie Girdler, and Ian & Karen Pilkington.  Together, we enjoy the joys and troubles that all business owners go through, and somehow we manage to stay sane in the deadline driven world of Publishing and keep a hopeful perspective on the great potential that Plymouth has to offer.

The Christian faith of the Partners informs the way we do business, and also our involvement with organisations that serve the marginalised and hurting in our midst, like Gilead Foundations residential rehab centre near Okehampton.

The Partners are fortunate to have a great team working with them, on sales, admin, design, finance and project management.  These folks have a couple of things in common – a superb attitude towards our customers and a desire to make everything we do for them succeed to the best of our combined abilities.

Cornerstone House was founded by Chris and Kerry Cole in 1985, growing over the next 15 years to become a regional Agency specialising in Media Buy, Printing, Leaflet Distribution and Direct Mail Fulfilment.  Chris and Debbie Girdler launched Vision Communications in 1991, focused on Publishing, Corporate Communications and PR. The founders of both Companies were on the board of Gilead Foundations charity, which provides support to people recovering from compulsive behaviours, based on a working farm in Devon. This is where they met and began a lengthy ‘engagement’ process as the two businesses looked to merge and offer the best of both enterprises to a wider audience.

Cornerstone Vision was established in 2000 following the amalgamation of Cornerstone House Advertising & Marketing Agency, and Vision Communications, which brought together decades of experience of serving the commercial and charitable sectors.



Today Cornerstone Vision is a one-stop resource in Plymouth for publishing, advertising sales, design and print, as well as a range of marketing services.

In addition to our full range of advertising and design services for local Companies and organisations, we are pleased to offer:

  • A publishing service to organisations wishing to develop their own communications through magazines and newspapers.
  • An advertising sales service to selected publishers wishing to outsource this aspect of their work.
  • A graphic design service including web design.
  • Print buying and project management.
  • Marketing and fundraising services, including desk research, bid preparation and campaign management.
  • Database management, including data entry, database design and optimisation.

Firm Foundations

All of the above comes under the heading of Firm Foundations – it’s the side of our business where we can provide you with a firm foundation so that you can build your own business well.

Our hearts and our core business are in Plymouth, and we have a wealth of experience in the corporate and charitable sectors at national level too.  Previous ‘blue chip’ clients include Sainsbury’s, Agusta Westland, and Boots the Chemist; and UCB, Cross Rhythms and Gilead Foundations in the charitable sector – so if you’re looking for something a little more than local advertising, we would be happy to talk with you and unpack a little more of who we are and what we can do.