Small changes, big differences

Article by Kat Archer

First set up in 2007 by Marianne Beale and Heather Gynn, Saltash Environmental Action (SEA) continues to make a conscious effort to clean up our planet!

SEA was set up by local volunteers that thought action needed to be taken to make Saltash greener and to change our mind-set towards consumerism.

Over the years, SEA has educated people about eco-friendly alternatives, encouraged consumers to buy locally-sourced produce and embarked upon ways to reduce waste and litter. The group promotes and abides by the motto “REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE” as this is key to preventing unnecessary waste. SEA asks people to think more carefully before heading for the bin. One of the worst contributors to our waste issue are single-use containers such as plastic bottles that are easy and convenient for consumers, but conceal a dark truth. With the town’s coastal position, litter, in particular, plastic can end up in the sea and have disastrous effects on marine life. In recent news, the problem of plastic in oceans has become a topical issue and the public are becoming mindful of the damaging effects of humans, but more needs to be done to change our detrimental habits and prevent the damage worsening. Next time think about if you really need to buy that bottle of water or instead swap to a re-usable one, a minor change for a major impact.

Apart from leading a movement away from plastic, SEA puts on environmental films, organises monthly litter pick-ups (which are held on the 4th Sunday of each month) and in 2016 joined the ReFILL organisation encouraging shops to fill up people’s water bottles for free. (Look out for the blue sign!) Alongside these tremendous acts, SEA was one of the first groups to persuade shop-keepers to introduce the 5p bag levy, years before government implementation!

Thank you to this admirable group that is striving to make our town a more sustainable place to live for future generations to enjoy.

Small changes really CAN make a large difference in the fight to save our planet!

So, people of Saltash, what are you going to do?


First published in Love Saltash – May 2018

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