The Big Clean Up

Littering has become a prominent issue for the Saltash community, resulting in local people embarking on the challenge of kick-starting the fight against litter.

In January, I had the pleasure of meeting Sho Frank, an inspirational man that is passionate about preserving the beauty of Saltash and our planet. Sho joined as a member of the Saltash Environmental Action group (SEA) in 2013 and has since organised events such as litter pick-ups as a means to clean up the environment. This self-funded organisation relies solely on its committed volunteers and community spirit to restore the beauty of the town. Last month I joined Sho and his wife Hilary (one of our local County Councillors) alongside some local volunteers to take part in one of the SEA’s monthly litter pick-ups. The group consisted of both adults and children from as young as five that share enthusiasm to make positive change.

In just two hours the group managed to collect around 20 bags of waste from the Pilmere Estate. The contents of these bags mainly consisted of food and drink packaging that had been dropped onto the path, or strewn into nearby bushes “out of sight, out of mind”. Fly-tipped waste was also discovered including various domestic items suggesting an inconsiderate attitude towards recycling and rubbish disposal.

A main issue raised by the group was the lack of bins, with only a single bin being present at the top of the green. Would extra bins prevent unnecessary littering? Or is it just sheer carelessness of individuals?
Other areas of Saltash have similar issues, with Saltmill being one of the most problematic. Not only does littering reduce the aesthetics of Saltash, damage to the ecosystem can occur; effecting local wildlife.

Contributing to the event was thoroughly enjoyable and gave me the opportunity to meet some extraordinary people that truly care about the environment and are willing to dedicate their time to protect it.

The community spirit and commendable action I witnessed, demonstrated the positive influence people can have on their community. Therefore, fortifying that one person CAN make a difference and inspire others to get involved.

Keep up the great work guys!

If you would like any more information about the group or would like to get involved then visit the SEA Facebook page or email


First published in  Love Saltash – March 2018

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