The great stories behind our Distribution Team

We love telling great stories about local people, businesses and our communities. But they would not reach you, our readers, without our great team of distributors delivering them to your door.

We are so blessed to work with over 90 mature and wonderful distributors and back checkers who deliver your Plymouth Magazine, local Plymouth Shopper, Torpoint Advertiser, Love Saltash and leaflets month in, month out in all weathers. These enthusiastically motivated individuals and families do the best possible job for you, our paying clients and us. They deserve our gratitude.

As well as ensuring that leaflet drops are delivered properly, our Distribution Coordinator John & his colleague Marius have built strong relationships with each one of our team. We love to see our distributors develop while they’re with us – many go on to find salaried employment after a few months, others stay for the long haul (some well over 10 years).

We encourage our distributors and back checkers to develop a sense of community responsibility for the neighbourhood streets they walk as part of their round. So here are just a few of the stories we hear on a regular basis from our distributors:

One distributor found a set of keys left in a front door.  He dutifully tried to knock and let them know, but no response. Because he knows the streets well, walking them for years, he had a sense all was not well. He called the police, and it turned out after several days that the householders had gone abroad on holiday in a bit of a hurry, leaving the house and car keys in the door. Needless to say, they were very relieved and grateful to receive their keys back from the police!

A Backchecker, who may well knock on your door to verify our Plymouth Magazine or Shopper delivery, is a retired insurance man – well used to doorstep etiquette. He enjoys walking, meeting new people & earns while he burns (calories!).

Everyone has different motivation to take on a round, one lady has used the income to pay for her teenage sons mobile premiums, rugby kit & downhill mountain bike. As this includes exercise, it has been a better family solution than the usual withdrawals from the Bank of Mum and Dad.

A mum who worked in a school, delivered every month for 10+ years, at the same time took a part time University degree and recently achieved a promotion at her school! We are proud & celebrate like it is a member of our own family!

A young man, in his early 20’s, was living a nocturnal ‘computer games’ lifestyle – rising at 2pm onwards, not really attempting to find work. He took on several rounds, after prompting from his Grandfather, came off allowances, and began to earn and got fitter. His ‘shoulders went back’, his self-esteem rose & he is now full time employed.

Professional business analyst who lost her job enjoyed the flexibility of the self employed demands as a backchecker, which fitted around her child care..

If this is for you, contact John on 01752 225623 or email for terms & conditions.

First published in the Plymouth Shopper,

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